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Socks by My Foot Fetish is a safe and fun place to shop online for Women's Socks, Men's Socks, Children's Socks, all size Novelty Socks and very nice and new to the Sock World Medical Socks you will want to wear and show off while doing so. I have done all the work for you to find the most fun and well made socks in the USA. Most of our socks are designed and made in the USA. Some socks if not made in the USA will be listed where designed and where they are manufactured. Many will be designed in the USA but made under strict guidelines of our designers watchful eye overseas. These will be manufactured mostly in Korea, Columbia, France and Japan. This means that the dyes are controlled as well as the materials used.

I also have other Fetishes. One of these Fetishes is Gloves and Fingerless Gloves.  I also have a Fetish for Scarves and Wraps. I will be supplying them on this Web Site as well.
New to Site! Jess and Jane Tops for sale.(Sizes from Small to 3X and made in the USA!)
                     JoJo Sox 
                     Zazou Scarves and more gloves
                     Pretty Polly Curves (Plus Size Tights) more coming in as of February 2014.
                     Rapti Fashion Scarves
                     Mair's Hair Ties (Gorgeous Hair Bling!) California Made
                     Karen Luu Home Couture (Sleep Masks to Die For) California Made

Spring has sprung on the multitudes of people!  The Earth has tilted and moved around in orbit enough to cause the Vernal Equinox, Vernal means suggestive of youth, vigorous and fresh.  Equinox means we have come to the middle when the Sun crosses the plane of the Earth’s Equator and day and night are equal length.
There is something good in that aspect of the Equinox that I feel ecstatic about that we are equal on that one moment in time twice a year. I tilt towards being equal only because if I am not I tumble and fall.  We should be equal in so many more things. Equal to practice whatever religion we want to practice all over the world without wars deciding who it right or wrong. Equal rights under the same laws, Equal pay for equal work; these are things we all should strive to make come true.  When and if we do perhaps the Earth will be a nicer place to live
Happy Springtime!
I have a memory of Easter for so many different things, but one stands out in my mind from TV.  Do you all remember Bonanza?  It ran for years and years. However, the Easter show is my favorite.  I can remember Haas being dressed as the Easter Rabbit and he got himself in trouble in the costume.  Lots of people see him around finally he gets done and out of the costume.
Why rabbits or hares for Easter?  Why eggs?  Rabbits and hares were signs of fertility and perhaps the Virgin Mary.  Eggs were not allowed to be eaten during Lent so they had a lot of them around for Easter.  Coloring was part of the celebration of spring and renewal and fertility.  So we have also stories from Europe about Hares and Rabbits that were like Santa Claus giving good children those stock piled eggs!  Then it included toys and candy with the eggs.  Celebrations were now allowed after Lent was over so people would want to go out and show off their finest.  What a day to wear a nice new hat!
I have nice things for spring and Easter.   I have Easter Bunnies and Ducks. I also have a lot of Birds and oops no Bees.  I do have Butterflies and Flowers and Bugs, like LadyBugs! 

There are a lot of things changing on my site. Most of it is good news. I went to Market in January and purchased some really Great Socks from companies already showing on my site and a few new ones. I am adding Categories that will help you find Thick and Thin styles and also Length for both Men and Women. I am still giving FREE SHIPPING to USA!
I know you want to know what the bad news is. Unfortunately some of this is beyond my control. Prices have gone up for the Postal Service and some of the Flat Rate Boxes have changed prices. If you want your packages faster it will cost you a little bit more money. I have also included the charge for the Medium Flat Rate Box from USPS.  The next thing is that Sock prices have gone up. Most of the rate change is $1 dollar for Adult Socks and $1 dollar to $1.25 for children sizes. I will not change the prices until new shipments arrive.  While this change hits both our pocket books I feel that the Socks I provide you will last longer and are better for your feet than many of the Socks on the racks in the department stores we visit.

I have been asked by many Male Customers for some kind of Dog and Cat Socks in Large Sizes.  GOOD NEWS! I HAVE FOUND THEM!  I will be adding them to your Novelty Socks For Men.  They are made in the USA by Wheel House Designs. Please take a look! Let me know what Breeds you would like! Wheel House Design's list is very extensive so you can contact me and I will start with favorites.

Just Remember to Take Care of Your Feet!  You only have two!

My Foot Fetish will also be bringing in a line of foot care products designed for us in the USA.

Please check out our blog for more information about foot care and related products I find along the way.  Please feel free to comment to my blog.

Our Products

Our Products

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Black Lab on GreyBlack Labs like Teddy Bears too!
Bright Pink with See Through Bead Hair TiePeak-a-boo I see Bright Pink in that Bead!
Cartoon Frog
Dont Tread On MeLike the Flag says Dont Mess with US!
Endangered Cats LionAfrica and Asia Endanered Cat? Lion! Roar!
Fish Tales LargeI caught a fish but it was catch and release! No, I forgot my camera!
Frog Slipper SockWe're getting the place jumpin'!
Frogs ChildrenThese Frogs are Hopping Happy to be on your kids feet.
Golden Gate BridgeInternatioanl Orange Is the color of the Golden Gate Bridge however K, Bell does it Great with RED!
Laurel Burch Dog and Doggie Slipper SockWhimsical Art for the love of Dogs
Mt Rushmore MensFind a Rock? How about a Mt of Rock 
Mt Rushmore!
My Tractor's Bigger Children

"My Tractor's Bigger Than Yours"  are the start of tractor love for anyone.  Whether you live in the country or not kids love tractors. They also might see these vintage ones in a museum!

Psychabright Rubber DuckyRubber Duckys floating by on a river of yellow and orange like a sunset.  
Realistic MooseBullwinkle has nothin' on this guy.
Wolf Blanket MarbledGet your Wild on With this Wild Wolf Blanket Sock!

Unique Socks

You are never too old to match your socks to your unique personality. Unfortunately, many people tend to start reaching for neutral colors with little to no design instead of funky, colored, or crazy socks. Why not stand out and choose your own unique style by putting on a colored and funky pair that shows off who you are?

There are a million occasions to wear your wild, colored and unique socks whether it is to a funky party or just to lounge cozy around the house. Show off your unique personality or sense of humor with a unique pair. You could also use your colored socks as a unique conversation starter in the workplace or at a wild party. Cozy socks can be just what you need after a long day at work, down time when you are sick, or on a day off to relax and rejuvenate your senses. Funky, cozy pairs can soothe aching feet and also help your body clear away its troubles to properly relax and get warm. If you are planning a vacation or trip then cozy socks are a must. Cozy pairs can make any place seem like home.

A Funky and Wild Gift

Everyone has a crazy uncle, aunt, grandma, dad, or next door neighbor who has a colored collection of unique socks that range include funky, crazy, wild, and colored socks with unique and crazy designs for each day of the month. What better birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or thank-you gift than a pair of wild socks to add to their funky collection? A pair of unique cozy socks could be the ticket to getting a wild smile from them and their feet.

Why settle for department store socks that are only mildly colored with plain designs when you can find something cozy, colored and crazy that will match a unique personality exactly? Fortunately, along with being a thoughtful and funky gift it is also an affordable gift that will not get thrown out the next week. If you could not choose between your top three favorite crazy wild socks then you can afford to get all three and make the receiver triple-satisfied.

There is never a wrong moment to wear some crazy socks and show a little bit of funky personality with every outfit you wear, or make someone’s day with the perfect pair of crazy socks. 

Category List

Category List

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