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Socks by My Foot Fetish is a safe and fun place to shop online for Women's Socks, Men's Socks, Children's Socks, all size Novelty Socks and very nice and new to the Sock World Medical Socks you will want to wear and show off while doing so. I have done all the work for you to find the most fun and well made socks in the USA. Most of our socks are designed and made in the USA. Some socks if not made in the USA will be listed where designed and where they are manufactured. Many will be designed in the USA but made under strict guidelines of our designers watchful eye overseas. These will be manufactured mostly in Korea, Columbia, France and Japan. This means that the dyes are controlled as well as the materials used.
Memorial Day Socks and Father's Day Socks

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FBF Bear Blanket Motif SockFBF Bear Blanket Motif SockNew Item!
Just like a Cozy Warm Blanket this Sock makes you feel Good!
FBF Golden State Warriors Chevron Stripes Sleepsoft Non-Skid SockFBF Golden State Warriors Chevron Stripes Sleepsoft Non-Skid SockOn Sale Now!
If you're a Basketball Fan then you Know this is The Golden State Warriors Logo and I have a Cozy Sock for You!
Foot Traffic Golf Socks for Men and WomenFoot Traffic Golf Socks for Men and WomenOn Sale Now!
Go out and play with these Golf Socks On! Go out together or seperate but go have fun!
K Bell Girls Emoticons Knee High SocksK Bell Girls Emoticons Knee High SocksHave fun with smiley faces!
K Bell Mens Shut the Duck Up SockK Bell Mens Shut the Duck Up SockNew Item!
Let the Rubber Ducky Speak Volumes
K Bell Wide Mouth Frog SockK Bell Wide Mouth Frog SockOn Sale Now!
Here's a twist, the Frog is eating your legs!
Kiss Me I'm Irish MismatchKiss Me I'm Irish MismatchOn Sale Now!
A colorful and unique sock that tells the viewer to "Kiss Me I'm Irish"  This sock is fun and comfy to wear.
Laurel Burch Mens Primitive Cats SocksLaurel Burch Mens Primitive Cats SocksNew Item!
If you Love Cats and Bright Colored Socks this is for you!
Laurel Burch Moroccan Horses SocksLaurel Burch Moroccan Horses SocksNew Item!
Moroccan Horses Galloping over the plains!
Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Aster SockSolmate Socks Vermont Garden Aster SockAster is for Star. This Sock is not a flower but has its colors with Funky Mismatched Designs!
Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Bluebell SockSolmate Socks Vermont Garden Bluebell SockBluebells smell good so remember to wash your Bluebell Socks!
Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Daffodil SockSolmate Socks Vermont Garden Daffodil SockIf Spring is coming Soon you will see these flowers. I hope to see you wearing these socks too!
Wheel House Designs Bunnies SockWheel House Designs Bunnies SockOn Sale Now!
Bunnies Equal Springtime and Easter Too!
Wheel House Designs Bunny Farm SockWheel House Designs Bunny Farm SockOn Sale Now!
All different Bunny Breeds playing on the grass!
Wheel House Designs Chick N Eggs SockWheel House Designs Chick N Eggs SockOn Sale Now!
Have you ever heard a Hen lay her first Egg? 
Then it's like look what I did!
All very loud!

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Unique Socks

You are never too old to match your socks to your unique personality. Unfortunately, many people tend to start reaching for neutral colors with little to no design instead of funky, colored, or crazy socks. Why not stand out and choose your own unique style by putting on a colored and funky pair that shows off who you are?

There are a million occasions to wear your wild, colored and unique socks whether it is to a funky party or just to lounge cozy around the house. Show off your unique personality or sense of humor with a unique pair. You could also use your colored socks as a unique conversation starter in the workplace or at a wild party. Cozy socks can be just what you need after a long day at work, down time when you are sick, or on a day off to relax and rejuvenate your senses. Funky, cozy pairs can soothe aching feet and also help your body clear away its troubles to properly relax and get warm. If you are planning a vacation or trip then cozy socks are a must. Cozy pairs can make any place seem like home.

A Funky and Wild Gift

Everyone has a crazy uncle, aunt, grandma, dad, or next door neighbor who has a colored collection of unique socks that range include funky, crazy, wild, and colored socks with unique and crazy designs for each day of the month. What better birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or thank-you gift than a pair of wild socks to add to their funky collection? A pair of unique cozy socks could be the ticket to getting a wild smile from them and their feet.

Why settle for department store socks that are only mildly colored with plain designs when you can find something cozy, colored and crazy that will match a unique personality exactly? Fortunately, along with being a thoughtful and funky gift it is also an affordable gift that will not get thrown out the next week. If you could not choose between your top three favorite crazy wild socks then you can afford to get all three and make the receiver triple-satisfied.

There is never a wrong moment to wear some crazy socks and show a little bit of funky personality with every outfit you wear, or make someone’s day with the perfect pair of crazy socks. 

New to Site!            *Legmouge Non-Skid Socks
                                *Grumpy Cat Socks from K Bell
                                *X-Large Sock for Men from K Bell
                                *Foot Traffic Socks A Few New Novelty Ones
                                   for Men and For Women
                                *Foot Traffic Non-Skid Slippers Sock 
                                *Foot Traffic Fashion Socks for Women
                                *New T-Shirts and Sleep Shirts from Dog Is
                               * *X-Large (Extra Large) Size Mismatched
                                Socks by Solmate Socks for Men!
                                Wheel House Designs Novelty Socks
                                * Mens Size Socks in Dogs and Cats 
                                Sock Guy Socks *Stretch to Fit, Cool
                                Comfort Formula 

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